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India's Top 5 Marathons of 2019-20

Comparision of India's Top 5 City Marathons


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Runners are justifiably restless, thanks to covid19. Now that social distancing is not letting the latest paces on strava come to light, we thought of getting the data of the last 5 races and do some analysis. Below is the analysis for total participation for men and women; average paces of top 10 runners and top 5% of runners, race elevation and temperature of the following marathons:

  • Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2019
  • Shriram Properties Bangalore Marathon 2019
  • Skechers Performance Chennai Marathon 2020
  • Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020
  • IDBI New Delhi Marathon 2020

All the above races are AIMS qualified, however Tata Mumbai Marathon is runners favourite blame it on its tenure or the spirit of Mumbai, the next one is IDBI New Delhi Marathon, its undoubtedly the best track for claiming a PB and the weather during the time of the year, followed by Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, we marathoners love gruelling ourselves to the hilt. Below are the numbers.

One can notice the men to women ratio here, except for SPCM the ratio for the rest of the races is 10:1 while for SPCM it is 27:1.

Men to Women Finisher Ratio

Moving on to averages of top 5% runners and top 10 runners. NDM has the best average for top 5% of runners however TMM tops in “Top 10” runners average. This is also related with the popularity of the latter and the runners it attracts globally.

Finally talking about the elevation and temperature. Elevation gain of AHM is the highest at 285m while that of Eiffel tower is 300m (fun fact).

We all entered 2020 on a high note with a new pace and race to conquer, hold on to that, it will soon be a reality.


Aditi Pandya is an avid runner, a writer and a fitness enthusiast. She is second runners up at Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2019, Vadodara International Marathon 2020 in Women half-marathon open & veteran categories respectively. She blogs at and can be reached on Insta narrativesbyme.

If you are a running enthusiast, follow us on our social media channels @geeksonfeet on Twitter, and GeeksOnFeet on Instagram and Facebook for updates. Also let us know what running topics you would like to read on.

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