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Shilpi Speaks on Mumbai Marathon

Shilpi Sahu talks about her training for Mumbai Marathon, why it's her annual pilgrimage and essential raceday tips.


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Your training up to Mumbai marathon

I run 50-60 km a week regularly spread over 5-6 runs. I know I should run more, but this is the best I can do balancing work and traffic. Vacation week in December was good, I could touch 100 km comfortably. I run 3-4 full marathons a year, leading upto Mumbai Marathon, but the idea is not to tune up to it. I enjoy running marathons and signing up for 3-4 marathons spread out in the latter months of the year, forces me to wake up in the morning and train regularly.

Specific running workouts, Cross training, and your Nutrition

I use an intermediate training plan with 5-6 days of running in a week but customize it further to fit my schedule. I cycle to work everyday which is a 23 km roundtrip, not with the intention of cross training but for commute, it’s slow and easy. I do some stretching, short mobility and strength routines everyday for 15-30 minutes in the evening. In terms of nutrition, I eat mostly vegetarian and dairy free food. I add lots of fruits and nuts to my diet.

Race day advice for TMM Participants

Starting a marathon little slower doesn’t hurt, and helps in warming up right and get yourself ready for the latter part of the marathon. Practice your race pace in training. Your body should just know the correct pace. You should not have to look at your watch for guidance. Practice nutrition and hydration in advance, during the long runs and a few race pace efforts.

On race day, try nothing new. You should absolutely know what works for you and doesn’t. Since Mumbai is humid, I find taking salt and oranges is very helpful. I carry gels but consume them intermittently, as my stomach cannot handle much sugar. I skip gels when I don’t feel like taking them, and eat a banana or watermelon slices at aid stations.

Memories and lessons from previous Mumbai marathon runs

Hahah, too many, mostly consisting of throwing up at the finish line, after consuming excess of gels and electrolytes. Mumbai Marathon has a vibe that’s hard to find in any other marathon in the country. It’s my annual pilgrimage. Also, the route is flat, relatively easier than other marathons in the country. Mumbaikars are lovely people, very encouraging, aid stations are well stocked, running by the sea, and nice cool temperatures; what’s not to like Mumbai Marathon?


Shilpi is marathoner with a personal best of 3h:34m:35s. She is a regular podium finisher, runner up in open women’s category at recent Bengaluru marathon. She is quite well known in running community for her work with organizers to make running events green and plastic free.

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